Who Would EVER Have Expected It?

I really never would have expected it.

But this past Friday, March 16, practically SEVEN months to the day this website was set up (August 15,  2011) it received, on the 82nd post, its 10,000th hit!

And not only that but, as I’m writing this (with 10,107 hits), they represent 30 different countries: United States, Philippines, United Kingdom, France, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Spain, Taiwan, Tajikistan, South Africa, Netherland, Trinidad and Tobago, Austria, Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Colombia, Switzerland, Brazil, Sweden, Romania, Malaysia, Portugal, Lebanon and Slovakia.


I don’t understand any of this. But I’m grateful. The site blocks all spam and doesn’t include them in the stats. It doesn’t even include my visits in the stats.  Maybe there are some nonhumans represented. I hope not. And this probably isn’t any big deal out for those who live in the blogosphere.  But even if these numbers were half as much, I’d still be surprised and grateful.

So… you’ll notice the site’s been spiffed up a bit: If you’d like to subscribe, check the upper right corner. Want to find something that’s been posted in the past, there’s a list of categories… to the right. Our most recent posts over the past three weeks? Yep, just to the right. And, having virtually no pride… there’s also the begging block just underneath.

NOW if you’d like to help in a big, easy, inexpensive way… if you like the site… appreciate the exchange of ideas that sometimes takes place… AND think you know others who might enjoy it… please send them a quick email with the link, www.johnnypricemindfield.com, and encourage them to pay a visit.

Thank you VERY much.


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One response to “Who Would EVER Have Expected It?

  1. Mary Ann

    Wow Johnny! That’s terrific! What a blessing this has been to me and hopefully to other humans! Much love to you, your baby sister…
    Mary Ann

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