(podcast) Bible Blitz Pt 1: History and The Image of God

 Many, if not most, people are intimidated somewhat by the Bible. It is an ancient book. It’s long. It deals with the heaviest of concerns: people’s relationship to their creator, the of God, the nature of humans, sin, salvation, eternity, Heaven, Hell, the list goes on.

This is the first in a series of eleven podcasts, whose purpose is to give an overview of the highpoints of Scripture. Utilizing a timeline, we’ll take a bird’s eye view of the key events as recorded in the historical documents that make up the Bible.  This bird will be flying pretty high, but in each session we’ll land and explore the significance of a particular development as history unfolded.

Your comments and questions will help flesh out even more details. So, please, tell me what you’re thinking.

The recording runs approximately 25 minutes.

***You can now access, download and/or subscribe to all of our podcasts through itunes. Just go to the itunes store. In the horizontal menu toward the top, click podcasts. Then type into the search box johnnypricemindfield. Click and there you are. Thanks, again, for checking all this stuff out.


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