Osho Is Wrong

This “poster” has surfaced on Facebook:


Well, there go all the Self-Help book sales.

Let’s see: I am already perfection on feet. I need no improvement. My flaw is that I don’t realize my perfection.

What? Wait! I have a flaw?

Do I detect a bit of contradiction here?

I’ll agree that I am a masterpiece in that I was created by the Master. Everyone is a one-of-a-kind divine original (not that any one of us is divine; we originate from the Divine). There is no one else exactly like any one of us.

But I should “drop the idea of becoming someone”? I’ll have to respectfully disagree on that point. The Christian faith maintains that, ideally, we are a work in progress. None of us are all that we can be, could be or should be.

For those who have a relationship with Jesus*, a process of change is underway, we are getting better and perfection is in our future. In fact, there is a promise In the New Testament that “He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it” (Philippians 1:6). But for now there is still the struggle all humans recognize: “The things I want to do I don’t do; instead I do the very things I hate” (Romans 7:15, 19).

So, do I desire to become someone? Yes. In my heart of hearts I desire to become a better man than I am today.

*If this idea of having a relationship with Jesus is something you don’t understand, please leave a comment and I’ll be happy to explain it as best I can.



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8 responses to “Osho Is Wrong

  1. Johnnie,

    This is new-age Buddhism. If we’ll all perfect, as Chesterton noted, why are the newspapers confirming every day that we’re not?

  2. cookjohnb


    Or this pithy comment by Chesterton: The doctrine of original sin is verified every morning in the newspapers.

  3. Great point, John. Also, if we’re all perfect, why would you misspell my name?

  4. Kristy Cheek

    Dear Johnny,
    I really enjoyed reading this post. You make such a God-sent point!
    Kristy C.

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