Talking Head Film Analysis: ROCK OF AGES

If you’d like to view a trailer for Rock of Ages, you can find it here:



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5 responses to “Talking Head Film Analysis: ROCK OF AGES

  1. Kimberly

    “Slick, sleazy, cheap shot at Christians”… disappointing, yet not surprising. Ironically, this made me wonder what some (key word…some) Christians might say of my 7 yr old Christian daughter rocking out to her favorite tune, Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne. Her loving, protective, music loving Christian mom tells her…rock on!!!

  2. Beth Childress

    I cant decide if I agree with your analysis that it was a ‘cheap shot’ of Christians (the crazy mayor’s wife and vapid scene of protesters)….wondering if that was actually a fair depiction of us Baptists (as I was so in the 80s) who thought we were “making statements and claiming the Kingdom” by using the WRONG, even irrelevant tactics. WE WERE a bit ignorant in our ploys to “win people for the kingdom” back then (as we often are now). I am no longer a Baptist but I love them just the same. What I definitely agree with is that it has a thin plot line and is NOT a family movie. For any female from ages 7-107, it encourages a delightful lust (oxymoronic as it is) for Stacy (aka the never-been-better Tom Cruise for those who gravitate for edgy). So, if you are looking for a “light escape” and dare to see Cruise embodying a wreckless rock star with all the alluring bad habits that entice us women (and men—-not to discriminate)—the movie is worth a go.

  3. Beth Childress

    P.S. I have to admit I was, at first annoyed at the predictable plot and the “musical” format……but Tom Cruise (who hasnt been on my mind since “Vanilla Sky” or “Jerry Maguire (sp) got me through the pain.

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