Entitlement Junkies

“America was founded and grew powerful because its citizens had initiative and an entrepreneurial spirit. They worked hard and sought success. But, a new ideology is being introduced in the U.S. that saps the will to work and has the potential of turning us into a nation of entitlement junkies,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC).

“Consider the fact that the government is out there actively promoting, Madison Avenue style, easy access to free cell phones and food stamps, virtually enticing people to game and abuse the system. Is this the reason an unprecedented number of households in the U.S. have been added to the food stamp program during President Obama’s first term in office?”

Daniel Weber cites that in June, while only 80,000 new jobs were created in the U.S., some 85,000 people who had jobs left the workforce and began collecting Social Security Disability benefits. “In fact, since Mr. Obama took office some 3.1 million new recipients have been added to the disability payment rolls. During the same period our sluggish economy managed to create only 2.6 million new jobs.”

He noted per Investor’s Business Daily “more people try to get on disability when jobs are scarce, and changes to eligibility rules enacted back in 1984 have made it far easier to qualify.” The AMAC chief added: “To be sure, the majority of those on the disability rolls are there because they merit the help, but the skewed numbers suggest that some workers may be leaving their jobs to get paid by the taxpayers.”

Weber said that programs such as disability, cell phones, food stamps, etc. need to be scrutinized in order to prevent fraud and ensure that the benefits will be there for those who really need them.

“Instead of encouraging dependency on the government, our elected officials could be seeking ways to reinstate the values of our Founding Fathers, values that promote self-sufficiency and pathways to economic growth. There’ll always be a need and a responsibility to help those in real need. But we can do that without fostering dependency.”

He concluded that “it is up to us, the voters, to send a strong signal to the Washington establishment when we go to the ballot box because we can’t ‘hope’ our way out of the fix we’re in. We need to make a change in attitude and leadership.”

The information above was sent to me as a press release by Gerald McLoughlin who works with Mr. Weber in publicity. Your thoughts are more than welcome.


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