Sloppy Thinking: Exhibit #4

From time to time, I’m responding to various ideas that I think are prime examples of sloppy thinking. Such as:

Of course as soon as you begin to practice something, it’s no longer random.

Dallas Willard offers a better suggestion and a  keen observation:

“Practice routinely purposeful  kindnesses and intelligent acts of beauty….

“And no act of beauty is senseless, for the beautiful is never absurd. Nothing is more meaningful than beauty.”



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5 responses to “Sloppy Thinking: Exhibit #4

  1. Cecil Wyche

    I think the quotation is supposed to be a joke. Sort of like when I tell people I don’t believe in astrology because I’m a pisces.

  2. Anything that is done at random, or done with abandonment to sensibility is going to lack focus and direction, and in the end will be of diminished or no effect.

  3. Kristy Cheek

    You are the cleverest man I know!

    Kristy M. Cheek

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