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(podcast) with Dr. Tim Keller: Who is this Jesus?- Open Forum

Who is this Jesus- – Open Forum (click here)

Now that we’ve entered the Christmas season, I want to share four podcasts over the  (you guessed it), four weeks leading up to the Big Day from Dr Timothy Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City.

If you click on the audio above, it will not only take you to some fascinating content but some excellent resources as well.


***You can now access, download and/or subscribe to all of our podcasts through itunes. Just go to the itunes store. In the horizontal menu toward the top, click podcasts. Then type into the search box johnnypricemindfield. Click and there you are. Thanks, again, for checking it out.


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(podcast) The Importance Of, and Evidence For, The Resurrection – Part 1

 A week ago (April 4) the post was a podcast where I addressed the question of what actually happened on the cross, with the death of Jesus, significant enough to provide us with a means of salvation.

Of course, the death of Jesus on a cross wasn’t the final event of that, the most important of weeks in history. “The third day He arose again from the dead.” The Resurrection.

And, obviously, that’s what this bit of recording is all about.

It runs 28 minutes.

Any additional observations, questions or complaints are always welcome.

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Stephen Colbert Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About

The poster above has been floating around Facebook for a while.

Colbert doesn’t know what he’s talking about as he ignores all the Christian organizations that DO help the poor, unconditionally. Just look at a number of ministries right here in Greenville, SC:

Miracle Hill (which provides food and shelter in various locations in Greenville and Spartanburg; operates a women’s shelter, a boys’  home; and an orphanage). Triune Mercy Center, The Salvation Army; Gateway HouseHabitat for Humanity; Surgeons for Sight; The Samaritan House; The Center for Developmental Services; Joshua’s Way; Bethany Christian Services; Water for Life, Prison Fellowship, not to mention the numerous churches which provide food pantries and clothes closets.  I have not exhausted the list.

And Greenville is not an exception.

I suspect what Colbert is implying is that there’s something warped about Christians, such as I, who don’t want the government taking money out of my pocket and (inefficiently, btw) redistributing it to who THEY (a collective bureaucracy huddled in a building in the corner of the country) think is most deserving.

When I shared these thoughts (not as extensively) on a friend’s FB post, I got the following reply from a gentleman:

“So Johnny how do we provide for Health Care for workers who will never be able to afford it under today’s environment? And don’t be mistaken, we are paying for that care 10 times over now. Government is the only way to provide fair and equitable access…Business has NO incentive. The last thing any insurance company wants to do is pay your claim. Colbert is talking about the great hypocrisy displayed by many politicians.”

My response was: “No, Colbert is clearly talking about followers of Jesus. He is not aiming his comments at hypocritical politicians; he doesn’t even mention them. I wish I were smarter than I am. I wish I had a solution to your question. But I’ve seen enough of the way the government works to know that, given their success rate in so many other areas they’ve bankrupted (postal service, Amtrack, Medicare) or embezzled (Social Security; thank you LBJ), I simply cannot believe that ‘government is the only way to provide fair and equitable access.’ And we haven’t even brought up the constitutionality of it all. (And please don’t. I’m not going to get into that.) The bottom line is: Colbert’s statement is based on ignorance.”

Your thoughts are always welcome.


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